Best travel pillows for 2023: Yes, it *is* possible to sleep on a plane

If even the plushest pillow doesn’t bring you comfort because you’re too busy trying not to overheat, the Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow(opens in a new tab) is the one for you.

While its 360-degree support and memory foam that molds to your neck/chin will help you sleep in any position, it’s the cooling vent technology that’ll really make the difference. The breathable mesh vents allow airflow to continue so that the weight of the pillow doesn’t cause you to sweat.

It comes with a travel bag that compresses the pillow down to half its size, which is nice. This, along with the secure plastic clip that can attach to your luggage, will save you valuable space while traveling.

When you’re done, throw the removable cover in the wash to have a fresh feel for your next trip.

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