Bug Prevented Roku Users from Streaming CNN, TNT, Other WBD Channels

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Corbin Davenport / Review Geek

Roku users flooded to support forums on May 25th when CNN, TNT, TBS, TruTV, and other WBD streaming channels suddenly displayed a “not available in your area” error message. The problem appears to be resolved for most users, though it interrupted some programming, most notably the Celtics and Heat game.

Presumably, this error message is the result of a bug, as affected users say they had no trouble streaming Tuner channels before May 25th. We’re not sure what caused the bug, though a Roku Channel Moderator notes that streaming channels like CNN and TNT are maintained by their provider–Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, in this particular case.

Sports channels (and their respective viewers) are making a slow transition away from cable TV. And it’s a very rocky transition. Every week, there’s a new story about sports fans missing out on a big game because of unreliable streaming problems. The May 25th Turner bug is just another story to add to the pile.

Roku and Turner have not commented on this situation. We’ve reached out to both companies for additional information.

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