Starlink Terminals Get First Retail Discount at Best Buy, Home Depot

A Starlink satellite dish sitting outside an RV.

In a first for SpaceX, Home Depot and Best Buy are offering Starlink satellite terminals at a $100 discount. The list price for the internet satellite dishes is normally $599. The two big box retailers are currently selling the terminals for $499.

While the discount arrives just in time for Memorial Day, it’s unclear how long the savings will last. Nevertheless, the price drop is welcome news for individuals thinking about subscribing to SpaceX’s internet service. Despite the initial investment being higher than conventional ISPs, Starlink offers a promising solution for people living in rural areas or locations with limited broadband options by delivering high-speed internet connectivity.

The apparent Memorial Day sale indicates that SpaceX wants to bolster Starlink sales within the United States. Until recently, the company primarily sold its satellite internet service through However, earlier this month the company started offering the dish through Best Buy and Home Depot, exposing the relatively new satellite internet offering to casual shoppers.

Initially priced at $499 upon its launch, the standard Starlink dish’s hardware price rose to $599 last year. Starlink subscribers also pay a monthly rate of $90 or $120, depending on their location.

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