#WeArePlay | Meet Tessa and Saasha from the UK, founders of waste-fighting app Olio


Posted by Leticia Lago, Developer Marketing In our latest #WeArePlay film, we’re spotlighting Tessa and Saasha – best friends turned co-founders of Olio. They’ve been on a mission to help people reduce waste by encouraging communities to share, sell or give-away what they no longer need – from leftover food to household items. The app … Read more

Beyond networking: What immigrant founders in the UK want from VC office hours

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Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe Contributor Lyubov Guk is a founding partner at Blue Lake VC. She supports early-stage international founders working in the U.K. Robyn Klingler-Vidra Contributor Robyn Klingler-Vidra is associate dean of global engagement and associate professor in entrepreneurship and sustainability at King’s Business School. After facilitating more than 300 office hours for immigrant entrepreneurs entering … Read more

Active founders make good investors, but do they make good VCs?

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Operator experience has become critical in venture capital over the last few years. Pure-play financial VCs are falling out of favor with startups compared to investors who bring building experience alongside their cash. But not all operating backgrounds are equally helpful. If a VC has experience in a different field, it may not translate well … Read more

ZestMoney founders resign as Goldman Sachs-backed fintech struggles to raise funds

ZestMoney Founders

Founders of ZestMoney have resigned from the startup, the latest twist in the fate of the Indian fintech whose ability to underwrite small ticket loans to first-time internet customers once drew the backing of many high-profile investors, including Goldman Sachs. Lizzie Chapman, Priya Sharma and Ashish Anantharaman, the founders of ZestMoney, informed employees about their … Read more

VC funding of women climate tech founders is abysmal. Here’s how it could improve

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The venture community has realized several things in recent years: Climate change isn’t going away, and there is a huge opportunity to invest in companies that promise to define entire segments of the future economy. With a few hiccups along the way, venture dollars have begun to flow with increasing volume and regularity to climate … Read more

Why founders ‘have to keep pivoting’

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Are you a seed-stage founder who’s building a unicorn? NFX Founding Partner James Currier would like to save you some time: Startups that grow into billion-dollar companies have three basic forms of defensibility. Network effects: Your product becomes more valuable as more people use it. Embedding: Integrate your services so deeply, customers “cannot rip them … Read more

Acquisition, retention, expansion: Why SaaS founders must understand GDR and NDR

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Paris Heymann Contributor Share on Twitter Paris Heymann is a partner at Index Ventureswhere he invests primarily in B2B SaaS and data. More posts by this contributor Metrics that matter: 3 KPIs to track on the path to profitability Whether it’s the coffee shop down the street, a mobile app on your phone, or software … Read more

Automation helps founders avoid the basis point yield trap

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Michael Dombrowski Contributor Michael Dombrowski is the corporate treasury lead at Rho and an investment advisor representative specializing in fixed-income investments and corporate cash management. The recent banking sector developments that sent founders scrambling for places to diversify their cash reserves left markets wondering if the Fed would follow these events with another rate hike. … Read more

Founders Pledge launches VC arm, Pledge Ventures, to create new ‘flywheel’ in philanthropy

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Founders Pledge is a London-based charitable initiative, where entrepreneurs enter a legally binding commitment to donate a portion of their personal proceeds on liquidity to charity when they exit. Launched all the way back in 2015 the initiative was designed to help social entrepreneurs build and scale their efforts. The minimum commitment for entrepreneurs is … Read more

Capital crunch shines a light on the importance of founders’ mental health, investors say

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In recent yearscalling oneself a startup founder was certainly seen as a flex. For those who wielded that role or the coveted CEO position, you were likely to be placed on a pedestal or be viewed as a visionary, aided by a venture capital market that experienced an overextended bull run in the background. Yet, … Read more