The iPhone 13 Pro is now as cheap as the iPhone 13 Mini

If you’re on the hunt for a flagship that’s available at mid-range prices, you’ll love this incredible refurbished deal from Giffgaff.

You can buy an iPhone 13 Pro handset with a ‘like new’ quality grade from Giffgaff right now for only £649which is the same price Apple will charge you for a brand new iPhone 13 Mini. iPhone deals, especially for SIM-free handsets, are quite rare, and this is a brilliant opportunity to pick up some really top-of-the-line tech on the cheap.

A ‘like new’ iPhone 13 Pro for only £649

A ‘like new’ iPhone 13 Pro for only £649

GiffGaff’s refurbished department is offering this incredible deal on the good-as-new iPhone 13 Pro, an excellent phone, at a shockingly low price.

Between the importance of eco-friendliness, and with many people looking to spend their money as wisely as they can, the refurbished tech market is becoming very significant, especially for mobile phones. Smartphones are often a vital piece of technology to everyday life, and if you can score one as excellent as the iPhone 13 Pro at such a good price, then this deal is a no-brainer.

In terms of the iPhone 13 Pro itself, our editor Max Parker believes it’s “a better overall buy” than the newer iPhone 14. It carries all the features you’d want, including Apple’s first 120hz phone display, one of the very best phone cameras money can buy, and phenomenal performance – it’s so good, Apple kept the chipset for 2022’s iPhone 14. Max was also very impressed with the upgrades in the battery department.

All in all, if you’re looking to upgrade to one of the best smartphones out there right now, getting a good-as-new refurbished iPhone 13 Pro for only £649 is a true steal. This deal is a real bargain.

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