The Torras Ostand case: your iPhone’s best MagSafe friend!

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Apple’s MagSafe system can massively improve your user experience as long as you have the proper accessories for it. Like the Torras Upro Ostand case here, with an ingenious magnetic ring, which can also work as a stand, or O-ring for one-handed use!MagSafe exists on any iPhone from the 12 series to the latest iPhone 14 series (minus the iPhone SE). It’s a magnetic ring that allows the phone to stick to wireless chargers and various accessories like wallets and stands. But a MagSafe’s usefulness is diminished if you slap an ordinary case on top of it — which is why you need something like the Torras Upro Ostand, which is made to be compatible with and even amplify the magnetic grip.And, if you don’t have an iPhone — no reason to be jealous! Torras makes the Upro Ostand for the Galaxy S23 series as well, so you can enjoy adding magnetic accessories and stands to your Galaxy S23 Ultra!

Torras Upro Ostand

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As a kickstand

The magnetic ring pops out to become a kickstand, so you can prop your iPhone up on a flat surface. Whether you wish to binge YouTube on the side or make a video call — the stand allows for adjustment between a 40-degree and 120-degree upright angle. It is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and is over a millimeter thick, built to last and to hold your device safely. When folded in, it disappears flush with the Ostand case’s back.

One-handed mode ring

The kickstand ring shape allows easier one-handed operation, especially if you have an iPhone 14 Pro Max. With a finger through the ring, you can keep a steady hold of your phone, even when doing something else. Grabbing that coffee order? Picking up the mail? No worries, just make use of the O-ring and get quick hands-free operation, without dropping your phone.

Multiple Shockproof airbags

The Torras Upro Ostand is designed to resist pretty much everything you throw at it (or throw it at). One all-encopassing airbag ensures shock resistance along the full body of the iPhone. One L-Shock airbag around the camera module ensures resistance to nasty scratches and even shattering. X-Shock 3.0 airbags protect the corners from nasty falls — arguably the most important point, as a corner drop can send a shock through the entire phone’s structure.

Sticks outstandingly well to any MagSafe accessory

The Torras Upro Ostand’s neodymium magnetic ring is built with a Halbach array — it’s a way of arranging the magnets, which augments the magnetic pull on the outside, while nearly negating it on the inside (towards the iPhone). The result is a latching force of 18 N, double of what Apple’s official MagSafe accessories provide.

This allows the Torras Ostand to have a very strong magnetic hold, so those wallet accessories and those MagSafe stands actually stick on and stay on the phone. Magnetic power banks will not budge when you

Premium grip and feel

The frame of the Torras Upro Ostand has a finely-crafted texture, engraved via laser. It serves the purpose of both providing an anti-slip texture as well as a nice, premium feel to the touch.

The Torras Upro Ostand case is a no-compromise case that offers heavy protection and fantastic usability in your daily life. If you want to add some color and flair, improve your MagSafe experience, or just mix up your collection of cases — treat yourself to a Torras Upro Ostand from the link below!

Use code 4TSX7GPM for 10% off!

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